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    CIA's Assessment of De Gaulle's Proposals for Algeria


    A confidential document from 1959 declassified in 2002 by the CIA offers a completely different assessment of De Gaulle’s intentions vis-à-vis the self-determination proposals for Algeria. Quite different from the version historians commonly relate, yet more realistic. 

    17th September 1959 


    I) De Gaulle’s proposals for Algerian solution, times to take international heat off France in UN, have double-barrelled objective: 

    A. To isolate rebels in international opinion and to discredit them among Algerian Moslems as intransigent obstacles to reasonable solution.
    B. At the same time, to under(mine) French rightists and army elements who are opposed to any so-called liberal solution.

    II) De Gaulle took calculated risk vis-à-vis Army in offering self-determination: 

    A. Hedged it with promise of continued military pacification until no more than 200 killed annually. 
    B. Nevertheless, De Gaulle appears confident he has sufficient military backing. 

    1. Challe has pledged army support against extremist outbreaks in Algeria: 
    2. Soustelle has assured De Gaulle of his support. 

    III) Stress De Gaulle laid on middleway of federal –type autonomy indicates his preference for this as most realistic of three solutions he offered. 

    A. Option of independence was accompanied by warnings of ensuing chaos and clear statement Saharan riches will remain under French control no matter what.
    B. Option of integration is sop to rightists and some army elements who believe Algerians can be persuaded to vote for it.

    IV) Immediate reaction from middle-of-road French political leaders, from Mollet to Reynaud, has been quite favorable (US spelling). 

    A. De Gaulle took precaution of appealing directly to Mollet for prompt expression of public support from Socialists.

    V) Rebels, to whom De Gaulle again offered nothing except “peace of the brave”, are expected to denounce the plan as unilateral action taking no account of them as leading Algerian representatives. 

    A. Offer of independence-by-referendum option to Algerian masses puts rebels on the spot. They had previously expressed concern French might make attractive offer prior to any UN resolution on Algeria. 

    VI) Although De Gaulle proposals may undercut support for rebels over long term, no sign of rebel capitulation in near future. 

    A. War will continue: French dead now running about 30 per week, (1500 per year) rebels perhaps ten times as many.

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