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    The Surviving Wild Cheetahs and Leopards of Algeria

    Saharan Cheetah in the Ahaggar southern Algeria

    A 2005 expedition to the Ahaggar region of the Algerian Sahara collected over 40 putative carnivore scat samples and proved the existence of cheetahs and leopards in this remote region of Algeria.

    Among other carnivores, eight cheetahs and a leopard were found. This is the first time leopards have been recorded in this part of Algeria and the first direct physical evidence of wild leopards in Algeria for almost 50 years. The last one goes back to 1960 in northern Algeria (El-Kala) where the last leopard is said to have been killed.

    Overall, the samples collected allowed to identify 8 cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), 1 wildcat (Felis sp), 1 leopard (Panthera pardus), 5 genets (Genetta spp.), 1 banded mongoose (Mungos mungo) and 14 dogs (Canis spp.)

    The status of cheetahs in North Africa is poorly known, although they predominantly inhabit the more mountainous regions of the Sahara where water and gazelles are more easily found in this intensely arid region.

    Rare Cheetah sightings have also been reported in the Tassili N’Ajjer plateau to the north-east, and also in the Tefedest area, north of the Ahaggar.

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